Vapid Lacquer: Ride or Die

Sunday, August 28, 2016 Ashley K 0 Comments

Sooo I've haven't updated in forever. Again. Sorry? Things have been incredibly hectic in life and I just honestly haven't had the time or motivation to update. It's been a really rough summer. But you know what? It's aight. Autumn is slowly coming upon us, some of my best friends are getting hitched soon, I turn 30 in October, and I'm going to Miami to celebrate. Things are looking good in the future. 

But I digress. There are swatches to be had that I've been hoarding for ages. Today I have a limited edition Vapid Lacquer that came out months ago. (I did say that I had been hoarding these for ages). This is Ride or Die and it's perfection. It's a super shifty, super holo, spreads like butta perfection. Seriously, it's amazing. Just look at it!

Indoors with daylight bulbs
You get a macro! She gets a macro!
Indoors with daylight bulbs
Everyone gets a macro!
Indoors with daylight bulbs
This polish is basically everything I love about Vapid. Super holo, excellent formula and opacity. All these photos are are two coats of Ride or Die topped with Vapid's High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat (which I totally, totally recommend. It's my go to QDTC). I'm super sorry that I waited so long to do this post because this polish seriously is so amazing and it's hard to find now. Snatch it up if you come across it. You won't regret it!

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