Femme Fatale: Art of Witchcraft

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Ashley K 0 Comments

Kinda keeping it regular on updates this week! Today I've got Art of Witchcraft from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. So honestly... when I first saw this polish it did not look like I thought it would based on swatches I saw. I honestly thought it was going to be a bit more blue than teal. I think that might be due to different lighting/skin tone honestly though. There were times in certain lighting that it looked like the swatches I saw, but most of the time it looks like my swatches (which are color accurate on my computer/phone/tablet as close as they can be, but this polish is a tricky one imho).

Okay, so that being said this polish is still fantastically beautiful and I love it. It's complex, deep, and super sparkly... if you know me you know how much that speaks to my soul. It's a teal jelly packed with magenta flakies/shimmer, gold microglitter, and holo glitters. It is mesmerizing and oh so gorgeous. I had no issues with application other than since it's a jelly to make sure you give enough time between coats for it to dry so it doesn't drag and leave bald spots. Pretty basic, but I'm guilty of being impatient and mucking it up a time or two before I finally slow down. This is three coats topped with two coats of Seche Vite (I need total smoothness. Textures bother me. Don't judge.). 

Indoors with daylight bulbs
Indoors with daylight bulbs
Femme Fatale recently launched a website for it's US customers to purchase from that ships out of warehouse here in the states. You can find that located here, but Art of Witchcraft isn't currently stocked there. However, it's still carried by almost every stockist and is readily available. You can find a list of stockists here. It ranges in price depending on which stockist you purchase from. My go to stockists are BeautometryColor4Nails, and Shiro Cosmetics. They're the most affordable.