April Showers Bring May Flowers?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Ashley K 0 Comments

Today I have a mani that I did over the weekend to share with you! I wanted to do something light and springy feeling to get me out of this winter funk I've been in for like the last eight months. It's finally started to get warm here! Finally! Don't ever leave me again, Spring. 

For this mani I used Different Dimension Ara as my base color which I then topped with two coats of Baroness X Doomfire. I topped off this mani with some stamping using Hit the Bottle Snowed In (can be purchased in the United States at Beautometry) and Bundle Monster BM-XL209. I love the way this turned out and I am utterly obsessed with Doomfire. Seriously, it looks amazing on everything. The unfortunate part for you is that it's an exclusive polish to the Baroness X fan group on facebook. The good news is that you can either join the facebook group and wait for it to be restocked oooooooor you can purchase Dulcinea which is just Doomfire with some pretty flakies. 

Those first two pictures were taken last night in my light box with my Nikon. I prefer to use that camera over my cell phone since the quality of photos is so much better, but I'll use my cell phone in a pinch sometimes (you can tell by my watermark font if it was taken on my cell lol). Like I did today so that I could capture that crazy holo and shimmer in the sunlight that I just couldn't get in the light box last night. Since I didn't have my camera on me at work, here's a cell shot of how gorgeous this looks in sunlight.

What do you think of this mani? As you can see it definitely pulls much more toward the purple of Doomfire out on the sunlight. Indoors in the light box I feel like the pale blue of Ara shines through just a bit more.