Kaleidoscope Nails

Sunday, January 03, 2016 Ashley K 0 Comments

So my resolution to myself this year is to be more active with this blog. Yeah, I know, I said that same shit like six months ago and failed miserably. If you could only see the face I'm making at myself and my chuckle of knowing my habits. Life is busy though and it makes devoting time to this blog difficult. But I'm gonna try, I swear! 

So for my first post of the new year I bring something else fresh and new to me, stamping! I tried this like a year or so ago and failed so terribly at it that I sat my supplies aside and didn't try it again until my buddy Anna sent me a MoYou plate for Christmas. I learned at this point that my issues clearly had been in that the plates I was trying to use sucked balls and aren't etched deep enough.

I actually think this turned out pretty swell for my first go at stamping. I absolutely love the way it shimmers underneath and really gives it a kaleidoscope type look. Also, dat shimmer is just out of this world. Love it!

Base: Femme Fatale - Poisoned Apple
Stamp: Vapid Lacquer - Pessimist
Plate: MoYou London - Kaleidoscopic No. 4