Elevation Polish: SBP - The Star Flower

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 Ashley K 0 Comments

Today I have an Elevation Polish for you. I had hoped to have this up last week so that you could see it before having another shot, butttttt USPS dropped the ball again and my package was lost for a few. *cue rage* So, I'm sorry for that. Between it being late and my week being super busy that just didn't happen. This is no longer available, but Lulu might make it part of a collection in the future. So there's hope for that (let's hope she does, it's beautiful).

Elevation Polish - SPB: The Star Flower

SBP: The Star Flower is a gorgeous purple jelly thermal with multichrome flakies. The website says that the thermal is purple to pink (it also mentions that it's finicky with shifting), but I found that it shifted between the purple above (warm) and a darker purple (cold). Since it's a jelly it takes a few coats to build to opacity, but covers quite nicely at three coats. The formula is a bit thick so I did thin layers. This is three coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.

SBP: The Star Flower

SBP: The Star Flower
Like I said, this is unfortunately no longer available, but it might be made a part of a future collection. Or you might be lucky enough to find someone who will part with theirs.