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Friday, June 23, 2017 Ashley K 1 Comments

Hey guys! So we're back today with a new to me brand! I've got the Potion Polish limited edition "Potion of the Month" for June to show you! If you're a lover of crellies, flakies, and/or shimmer then you're gonna love this one since it's got a little bit of all that!

Vintage is a creamy turquoise with pink to gold to green multichrome flakies and a pink to gold shifting shimmer. The formula on this one is amazing - silky smooth easy application with full opacity in two coats. This could probably be a one coater for the heavy handed. I tend to work in thinner coats though so I needed two. I did a third just for extra depth cuz y'all know how much I love that third coat. ;) Shown below is three (thin!) coats with a glossy top coat.

Vintage (light box with daylight bulbs)
You can see how subtle the shimmer is in brighter lighting, it's visible in the above photo but not in your face visible. I decided to use the below photo in a darker lighting so that you could really see that shimmer pop. In the right lighting it's so amazingly gorgeous and I had to include one that really showed it off like it deserves.

Vintage (light box, daylight bulbs - low lighting)
Vintage (light box with daylight bulbs)
So like I said earlier in the post, this is my first time trying Potion Polish and I gotta say I was definitely impressed! The formula on this was excellent and it applied so nicely. Also and this is absolutely irrelevant to the polish, but the website is super cute. The design nerd in me wholeheartedly approves. Anyway! That being said let's get down to release details:

When: Saturday, June 24th at 1PM ET
Price: $10.50

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  1. How come I haven't heard of your blog b4? Amazing swatches!

    Kisses from Brazil!